What is 24 STORIES?

Understanding how we share experiences and how to design environments to do that has always been a fascination of mine. 24 STORIES is an undertaking to explore the most intimate of experiences – the untold stories of some of the most important people in my life. I gave each family and friend an empty book and asked this question: For my 24th birthday, can you gift me with 3 stories or experiences in your life that I’ve never knew about?

Life is a series of moments and experiences filled with unspoken intricacies and unwritten encounters. For me, the magic of existence has always been our abilities as humans to connect, become friends, inspire, and even fall in love through the sharing of stories.

We meet and become part of each other’s lives at various chapters of our own stories. There is no written table of contents that you can read when you meet someone to know where their story began or where it has gone. I realized that there are so many stories that never got told because there are never enough nights for 4am chats, relevant moments to tell that particular story, and chances to say the things we wanted to say. And because there are always too many miles apart for that get together, things-I-have-to-do to meet for dinner, and other-things-I-have-to-do to spend time with only the people we want to. 24 STORIES is a spontaneous exploration into how these stories that were lost through time, forgotten in the heat of the moment, and stored away in our memory backlogs can be possibly retold and relived.

Finally, people have asked me why I wanted to undertake such a project. Why deliberately take time to learn the stories when life would probably just take its course and tell us the stories we were meant to learn? Honestly, that is true. As a matter of fact, sharing stories with each other is unnecessary, like art, like bacon (jk) they have no survival value; but rather it is a part of the human experience that give value to survival. For me, 24 STORIES will give me the delightful opportunity to further indulge in this experience.




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